3D Printing for Dog Lovers

You might have read about 3D printing in the news, it will either completely save humanity or give everyone the possibility to 3D print their own guns. Anyway, it is miles away from any practical use in the home. Until now.

One of the companies that The Curious Dog Shop is working with is Arty Lobster (http://www.artylobster.com), and they are using 3D printing to create affordable and unique pet sculptures. Their artists will take your photos and create a computer model of your pet, and then use 3D printing to make the physical statue. They can make a sculpture in full colour sandstone, in porcelain or even in 3D printed bronze!

Although these materials are all hard, Arty Lobster’s artists are great at getting out the details in your pet. The folds in the skin of a Dogue or a Staffy, the intelligent eyes of a Border Collie or the sleek fur of a Whippet will all come out in the sculpture.


These Arty Lobster pet sculptures are very popular as gifts, or as a way of remembering that cheeky puppy forever. As they work from your photos, they also do a number of pet memorials, creating a beautiful memory of that special pet.

Ordering a pet sculpture for yourself is very easy. Just go to our Personalised Sculpture page http://www.thecuriousdogshop.co.uk/personalised/personalised-sculpture.html and select the size and material you prefer. You only have to upload some photos of your pets, and pay, and a few weeks later the sculpture will arrive in the post. And remember, the 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you will be happy with the sculpture or else you can return it for a full refund.

J x



Gosh… trying to remember to post here, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Instagram…its exhausting!! So I haven’t said anything for a week, my daughter is currently in USA looking for a Uni to attend next year. She also wants to a a gap year, which I’m terrified of. All the countries as part of the program are like war zones, so I really don’t want her to go. She would probably never forgive me, so I guess I have to bite the bullet and spend a year worrying about her… or maybe pay Liam Neeson to follow her everywhere.

Anyways, she’s growing up, I can’t stop it, so got to be a good mum and support her… and try not to show the sheer panic I feel inside


J x


Dog in the bed? 

I let my dog in my bed, I don’t care. I love her and feel safe with her near me. If someone attempted to break in, I know she’d look after me. She’s fiercely protective and very loving. That kinda comes with problems as she doesn’t really like anyone else. Plus she weighs 68kg so I have to be careful.

I love her and her mummy like children . As someone once said, if you have teenagers, get a dog too… At least someone in the house will be pleased to  see you! 😂😂😂

Good night

J x


To Zoo or not to Zoo?

I went to the Zoo yesterday with my family. Chester Zoo. It was a nice day out but it made me think about so many things to do with animals, and conservation.

I’m sure Wildlife Parks have seen an upsurge in visitors since the death of Cecil the Lion. People probably want to feel closer to nature, and look at the beautiful animals that are so precious and so strong, yet so vulnerable. I can’t begin to imagine what sort of person would want to harm a single hair on their head. If I step on my Dog’s paw, I’m virtually in tears 😦

Reading the animal info boards at the Zoo really made me think about what we are doing to the world as a whole. Every board said ‘critical’ or ‘vulnerable’ or ‘endangered’ . Can you believe Giraffes have been poached just because their tail is considered a Good Luck charm? Or a Gorilla is killed to have its hand made into an ornament?

We are all important. The World is like a Jenga game, Pull too many pieces out, and we are set to fall. If Bees become extinct, we will lose crops and flowers. If the Sea otter became extinct, their biggest food source, the sea urchin, would not be controlled and would cause an inbalance in ocean eco systems. Turtles control jellyfish population, and the list goes on.

So to my original thought, Is a Zoo now the safest place for animals? A great Zoo, with great facilities, a Zoo that is fighting for conservation, and research and education. A Zoo that has breeding programs in place to attempt to increase populations. Is this the best place for our precious endangered animals?

Make no mistake, we as a species, have single handedly caused this. We have hunted them and destroyed their habitat through greed.  I know we need to fix it too. I only hope its not too late.

J x





My first post!

I’ve never Blogged before so haven’t got a clue what to write, but when I was a kid before the days of computers, keeping a diary was the in thing so I guess that’s what this is.

So, my name is Jane , I’m the owner and founder of The Curious Dog Shop, Gift shop for animal lovers, although Dogs are my favourite! 🙂 We are on The Wirral in the UK. The Wirral is a peninsula surrounded by beaches on all 3 sides. It’s a great Location if you have dogs.

I’ve had a varied career, including Barmaid, Ann Summers party host, working in Hotel Kitchens and Prison Officer. But I always seem to return to retail. I have in the past worked For B & Q, Superdrug, and more recently have my own newsagent shop. Unfortunately, the news trade is dying , for a lot of reasons. I felt that before things got really bad, I should try a new path. I had already a bit of selling experience on eBay so thought I’d branch out on my own. I know how daft I am for buying Doggy related stuff, so hoped other people would be too.

The Curious Dog Shop was born at the very end of December. An all in one gift shop for animal lovers. I hope I have chosen a really great collection of gifts, clothing , bags and personalised products. Its been hard work with late night and tired eyes. I’m now officially skint, and also owe my teenage daughter a ridiculous amount of money! But I hope and pray I made the right decision and things work out.

If not, I have enough gifts to last me around 100 years!

OK, don’t want to go on forever, so that’ll do for now!

Next time, I will bore you with my Doggy pics

J x